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    Weekly Cleaning Service

    Cleaning Includes:

    - Scrub the tile line with tile brush and mild, low foaming tile soap, specially formulated for use with swimming pools.
    - Net the surface of the pool to remove all floating debris.
    - Vacuum or Leaf Master the bottom of the pool.
    - Brush the pool walls, steps and ledges with a nylon, or nylon/stainless, bristle wall brush.
    - Empty and rinse the debris bag on your automatic pool cleaner. Check cleaner for proper operation.
    - Empty skimmer baskets and ensure skimmers have adequate suction.

    Pool Water Chemistry Analysis Includes:

    - Check and adjust sanitizer level (weekly)
    - Check and adjust pH (weekly)
    - Check and adjust Total Alkalinity (weekly)
    - Check and adjust Stabilizer (quarterly in winter; monthly in swimming season)
    - Check and adjust salt level (quarterly in winter; monthly in swimming season)
    - Check and adjust calcium level (semi-annually)

    Pool Equipment Maintenance Includes:

    - Empty pump baskets.
    - Check filter pressure and backwash DE & sand filters as required.
    - Visually and aurally examine the pool equipment for proper operation, ensuring no leaks, no loud or noisy bearings, and ensuring no clogged lines by verifying a smooth, continuous flow of water through the equipment and robust return action at the pool.

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